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Hi everyone,

I have had this strange problem for a couple of weeks now,

When I delete my messages they do go, however sometimes when deleting more messages I have recieved

perhaps the day .after, the messages I deleted the day before have returned to my deleted items.

I am experiencing no other problems as far as I am aware.

JUst wondering what is causing this? :huh:

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No I haven't tried thunderbird :P



In c:docs/settings/user/,local settings/application data/identities,when I open this

all dbx folders are there ,if I go to deleted items it says there is 13.0mb.

can i safely delete this folder and will it recreate itself if I do?

Also the inbox folder shows 4.0mb when there is nothing there.

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Here's a page you might like to read incy. It also answers one of your questions (look under... "why can't I delete messages inside OE" )



CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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