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bypass vista activation


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I just suck it up, pay the money and live with the product. All this trying to get around the activation and such just seems like so many problems. If i can find freeware I will use it, but otherwise if i want a product I just pay for it.

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Thanks, Hazelnut. Went to the link and read the whole story, plus the info about wpa.dbl.

The CCleaner SLIM version is always released a bit after any new version; when it is it will be HERE :-)

Pssssst: ... It isn't really a cloud. Its a bunch of big, giant servers.

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Anyone that has a legal version of Vista really has no reason to bypass the activation in my opinion.


Windows Pro Media 8.1 x64  |  8GB Ram  |  500G HDD 7200 RPM  |  All  that I know about my graphics is that it's Intel  :)

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