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Sony Vaio Brightness


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hi all, I just formatted my friends new Sony Vaio SZ 420 laptop with Vista, and since sony suckx, they don't sell their stuff with the restore disks. anyhow, after much searching i have set up the computer with everything working fine except the brightness keyboard shortcuts. Any idea how to get these working again or do i need to get the restore disks from Sony?


thankx for the help

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Search for the software on sony's site. They should have all of their proprietary control software on there.


my firend has searched and downloaded everything he can think of from the site that might apply, so hopefully Sony will tell us what to do,


on another note, is there a way to set up a keyboard shortcut (ie. Fn+F9) that would set it to a desired brightness, such as two shortcut keys that would go to the extremes? thankx for the info

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To be honest I don't know.

I know on my toshiba, the shortcut keys are independant of the OS.(I know because they work on linux, and even when I uninstalled all of the toshiba software).


I'm not sure how sony does their shortcuts. On a side note, on my toshiba to make the brightness go up its FN+F7. You could try that. :lol:

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