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Latest Version - 1.38.485 - Still not erasing file names

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The latest version, 1.38.485, will destroy content, but again as in the last version, not file names when Secure Deletion is selected. In addition, and perhaps this is normal behavior (but I doubt it), in order to get Temporary Internet Files SECURELY deleted, I must UN-tick Temporary Internet Files under Internet Explorer (that option deletes the temporary internet folders, as well) and insert my Temporary internet folder names under Options/Custom in order to get the files erased. Again, even though the content is destroyed using this method, the file names remain. Seems to me that normal behavior would be that ticking Temporary Internet Files in the main window should accomplish this, but indeed the files are recoverable unless I follow the method described above. Would really like to see file names destroyed, as well as content. Not sure if this shows up under XP - I'm running FAT32. Thanks for listening.

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It still doesn't fix this bug in Vista Ultima 64-bit: CCleaner still can't repair all registry errors.

It doesn't seem that CCleaner is shredding in Vista.


I tested this by moving a 100mb file to the recycle bin, and then running CCleaner (set to NSA 7 passes, just for testing). The file gets deleted from the Recycle Bin, but it's way too fast for writing 100mb 7 times as evidenced by my disk activity light. This feature used to work for me under XP.


In any case, CCleaner is still a great tool!

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This topic has been posted here now for over four days with no response from Mr. G or a moderator. I assume Mr. G is too busy to reply to all bug posts, but I would also assume the moderators would at least find out whether or not the bug post is legitimate and whether or not Mr. G intends to try to fix it. If not, those of us with issues would stop looking here for answers to them each day. Will CCleaner every erase file names, as well as content ? It seems a number of us are concerned about this issue and would really like to know whether or not to look forward to a fix. Thanks...

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