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Looking for free online data storage


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I know some of you will to say use the search function but none of my search terms brought up what I was looking for.


What I am looking for, though, is a free site that can host a large amount of data where I can upload and download data from. Basically my family has a large amount of pictures and small video clips that we want to share with each other and would just like a repository where all of us can upload and download them from. I know there must be some good free sites out there that allow large amounts of data transfer.


Thank you very much for your help!

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Some good reading there, and they all have their different merits. I like the look of Drop Box, with its 50mb upload limit.


I`m using xs.to-hosting at the moment just for its ease of use in providing various links for forums etc, but Ive bookmarked that site. Thanks.



Edit: Thanks Sputnik. Dropboks. ^_^

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