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Selective Temp Folder Deletion

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I want to have CCleaner delete XP system temporary files, but NOT any that are in subfolders of Documents & Settings (because sometimes there are Office documents in there that are handy to have for recovery).. Is there a way to specify this? I didn't see any folder exclusion options.


Since the system temp files I'm primarily interested in having CCleaner delete are those in Windows\Temp, I tried setting that up as a custom folder clean (and un-ticking Temporary Files from the System clean options). This *would* be fine, except that I don't want system temp files that are less than 48 hours old deleted. And apparently the advanced option to restrict system Temp deletions to items older than 48 hours doesn't apply when Windows\Temp is specified via the custom folder clean route.


Any thoughts on how I can set CCleaner to delete Windows\Temp files older than 48 hours, but leave all temp files within Documents & Settings intact? Thanks.

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