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rklauncher took my picasa pictures


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I uninstalled rklauncher and when I went into Picasa for something it was empty- no pictures at all, just an empty program.

One of the rklauncher icons was a link to it.


I am sure it was not a coincidence as I uninstalled and went in Picasa (which I use a lot) more or less straight away.


All my pictures were still in my documents, and backed up on external drive, so I uninstalled Picasa and reinstalled. All is as it should be now.


Has anyone else had any similar problem?

CCleaner documentation can be found here


Support contact




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This is exactly the same problem I had when uninstalled rklauncher!I lost all my pictures aswell

Unfortunatley for me my pics weren't still in my docs they had disappeared completley.

I panicked as I had no external hard drive at that time,luckily somebody recommended the program resoration,

I downloaded this and it worked I got back nearly all of the pics though some were unrecoverable.

Since then i have an external hard drive and left rklauncher alone. <_<

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Sorry to here about your problems guys. I personally have never had a problem with RK.

I don't have Picasa, but I do have lots of pics on my PC.

One thing I do have is my RK launcher isn't on my boot drive. It sit on a spare drive, and all my shortcuts link to it.

I know for a fact that there is no installer/uninstaller. It's just a case of deleting the RK folder, when your finished with it.

Can I suggest you jump over to Aqua-Soft.org, on their forum there is a "bug" thread which gets monitored so maybe someone can help or explain this.

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Sorry to hear about you loosing your files incy. :(

I hate nothing more than loosing pictures that I haven't sent off to be printed yet. :angry: (Even once they are printed I would still hate to loose them.) As least yours weren't erased hazlenut.


I know nothing about rklauncher but now I don't plan to try it. :lol:

I don't really like these doc things anyway. I installed yzdock from filehippo a while back and it lasted for a few minutes and then I got rid of it. I don't see why thats better than just having icons on my desktop. :ph34r: I thought it was sort of neat, but it became annoying fast once it started popping up everytime I moved the mouse to the top of the screen.


The Mac dock is cool, but its also part of the OS and its integrated very well. On Windows it just seems awkward because of the start bar. Having the start bar on top is a no go for me because its just not the way its supposed to be. :P (yes mac has a "start bar" like thing but it also changes to your menu bar in programs so its not funky like having the start bar up top)

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