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Ranking Size of Deleted Files on Log

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Here is a question/suggestion on use of CCleaner that I haven't been able to find when searching your forum.


Occaisionally when cleaning I notice there is an unusually large amount of hard drive space being freed. With all the many files that are being deleted it is hard to find out exactly which large files are being deleted that make up most of this space being freed. It may be that the files are all approximately the same size; and that together they do sum up to that large figure. But there may be a few large files that are creating this large number. And it is difficult to find these files by just eyeballing the log.


So what I would like to see is a way of exporting to a spreadsheet the filenames, location, and sizes of files logged by CCleaner after cleaning. Then it would be a simple thing to just sort the entries by the size to see what is going on.


I have tried to just export the log to a text file; and then process that thru EXCEL. However there are too many blanks in the file names and locations to properly delimit the fields. This would make it a tedious manual effort to process this data as I would like to do.


So what do you think of this idea? Or is there another EXCEL technique I could use on the log file that would serve this purpose.






PS. I would like to thank Piriform Software for a great program that I have been using for several years now without any problems!

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