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Dangerous Trojan masquerades as a political video:

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Found this from an earlier link provided by Andavari re. Dr. Webs Antivirus plug-in for Firefox.


The main article, dated Jan 21st, can be found here:


The messages with Trojan.Spambot in attachments may have the following subjects:


* Russian missle shot down Chinese satellite

* Russian missle shot down USA satellite

* The Supreme Court has been attacked by terrorists. Sen. Mark Dayton dead!

* Fidel Castro dead!


The names of executable files are the following:


* Full video.exe

* Full clip.exe

* Full news.exe

* Full story.exe

* Video.exe


Experts of Doctor Web, Ltd. warn users to never open any attachments received from unknown users. We predict increase of similar spam distributions of this Trojan. The subjects and the executables attached to the messages may differ.



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In this day and age it's pretty much common knowledge for people not to run executable files from emails, however I suppose some people can't resist out of pure curiosity and thus get infected, and possibly end up reinstalling Windows.

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You have to think though that a lot of people(average users) don't know the difference between .exe and .avi. Plus it doesn't help that windows hides file extensions by default either so unless you know the differences from the icons(which usually can distinguish the file types, but not always) you may not even know what the file type is).

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