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Internet Retardation


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i have absolutely no idea why this happens, but whenever i start windows, windows will load some programs, then it will stop doing anything. if i try to launch any programs, the process will launch but that's all it will do. it won't show any windows, raise memory usage, absolutely nothing.


After a few tests that i ran, i found out that Microsoft's Internet handling(or w/e) seems to be the cause. whenever i start my computer without the modem plugged in, everything works smoothly. but when i plugin the modem afterwards, i won't be able to use anything. i'll only be able to use processes that have already been opened. The only way to use anything is to wait, wait, and wait some more. one time, i had to wait 15 minutes so that the programs that i launched would work.


Right now, i need info as to why this happens. my dad has been getting really pissed because he restarted the comp 3 times today and nothing happened.

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Can you check within the Event Viewer for any error messages that may pertain to the prob.


Is the DHCP Client service set to auto and running.


Also you could open My Computer - tools - folder options - view tab and untick the first selection - "Automatically Search for..."

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