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DAF tools/repair permisisons deletes Non Admin Users


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Per this advice:

A: Run the Repair Permissions tool in Dial-a-fix. This will fix it 90% of the time. If you are unable to run this tool, try it in "Safe mode with command prompt". The Repair Permissions tool is included in the Medium and Full versions of Dial-a-fix. If you are just here to repair this particular CCleaner problem, get the Medium version. Once you extract it, double click on Dial-a-fix.exe, click Tools, click Repair Permissions, and click GO. After the permissions repair completes, run a new issues scan in CCleaner -- do not remove the objects found by the scan that was performed before the permissions repair tool was run.


If CCleaner finds its own COM objects, such as CCListView, CCListBar, CCTab, etc, then the same answer also applies.


Went and got DAF. Ran Tools/Repair Permissions. When I rebooted 4 users were gone. All I have left is my CompAdministrator account and the original Administrator account. It appears data in docs&settings is still there.


When my kids find out it won't be fun around here. Help. Please. Mike

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So does it make sense to anyone that DAF has hosed my XP User setup?

Not expecting DAF to bomb them I blundered into it.

Now I can't do SYSTEM RESTORE restores, went back 5x checkpoints. Is that the work of DAF too?


I can't recommend anyone take the DAF path unless they're prepared for major grief. DAF says most problems one encounters are usually attributed to existing OS problems.


Why does the CCleaner registry cleaner not know it can't get rid of entries w/ "permissions problems"?


Thanks, Mike

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Hello Mike, :)


DAF is is well known recommended program, and the "permissions" problem is one that it is particularly recommended for.


You may have to accept the suggestion that other problems were on your system as well.


May I suggest that you go here




and scroll down to the System Restore section and post there. I have no doubt they will be able to mend system restore, it's what they do.


Let us know how you get on please.

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Thanks for the pointer. I followed it and indeed it offers help. I'll take a shot tonight.


I have a potential source for the needed CD to continue w/ the DAF work and perhaps achieve the original goal.


If all that fails, I'll do a restore.


I'll post here with one resolution or another.

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Thanks Hazelnut, you were right on. But...


I chose to take the "copy SAM and SECURITY files back to working directory" path to try to keep the good done (perhaps) by DAF on my "fix permissions". I have now restored those and am whole again (I suspect).


I go forth armed w/ the auhma knowledge, ready to fight the next battle.


If I can determine that DAF has done it's thing I'll be ready to chill after a week of thrashing. I could conclude I have other system problems but need much more research to just jump willy-nilly into a proposed fix.


I feel bitten and appropriately shy.


Thanks again. Mike. NOW a smiley... :D

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