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Pointing "My Documents" to 2nd HD


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Right now I have one 80GB HD with XP, Vista RC1, and Ubuntu installed. I want to keep this HD specifically for OS usage.


I am about to add a large capacity HD to my desktop for all files (music, pictures, work). In looking at XP, I know "My Documents" (My Music, My Pictures, etc.) are all pointing to the HD on which the OS is installed. Can someone tell me how to set things up so when, for instance, I click on Start -> My Documents.....My Documents is actually logically assigned to my 2nd HD?


I want it so I can have all the sub-categories of My Documents be directly placed on the 2nd (non-OS) HD.



Thanks for your help!

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I found that if you want the doc folder password protected you need to put it on the same drive as the operating system. I have to hard drives, each with 2 partitions. I put my Doc folder on my 2nd partition, on the first drive.

I am running Xp Home edition :)

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