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I am having an issue with the 'issue' scanner deleting valid files. When I run the issue scanner it picks up on registry files that are related to a GIS programme (Arcview) I use; the files in question are help files. I first noted that it was a problem as when I tried to open a Word document the GIS programme would try to install, even though it is installed already. I let the install run, and after a few minutes it would stop installing, allowing me access to the Word document I was trying to open. I then realised that it was connected to the registry files that were deleted.

How can I remedy this so it won't pick up on the valid files in the future; is this a common occurance; what other valid files may it have deleted? Thanks for help,

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The program that installed it could have possibly not used the correct path for the help files yet still be able to launch them itself which can easily happen when making the installer. It may be something you can fix by editing the registry but if you go that route make sure you make a System Restore point first to undo any mishaps.

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