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This seems to be a cool little IE Add on:



Softpedia review:



Features that it adds:


Here are some key features of "IE7pro":


? IE7pro will help you Close/Open tab by double left click

? switch proxy

? set agent identification

? block ads and flash

? open new tab from address bar

? apply super drag-drop

? refresh tab automatically

? recover session crash

? manage tab history

? view page information

? save image files quickly



It covers pretty much everything I could think of that IE was missing for me. Sure I'm still not going to use it all the time(well... FF2 keeps crashing so I'm on IE right now. :( ) But this makes it a little better.

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Hi rridgely,


Tried to post this reply with FF2. Wouldn`t have it.


(well... FF2 keeps crashing so I'm on IE right now. ) But this makes it a little better.


Went away and came back with IE7. Can now move around the forum.


Gonna uninstall FF and reinstall it to see if there`s any improvement. And of course you may not need to go through my Highjack This post.


You`ll see I`ve been busy tonight, and it looks like it could have been FF2 to blame.


The only way I could do anything was pm`s.


Will stick with IE7 for a while and then try the newly installed FF.


Apologies to anyone who`s times been wasted.



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Seems like a nice add-on. Especially the "block ads and flash" thing.


But I am happy with my Firefox, I don't think it ever has crashed for me.

Currently I use the Adblock and NoScript extensions, but before that I used only the Adblock, and before that I used none.

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I'm actually starting to really dislike firefox 2. 1.5 is extreamly stable and never once crashed on me but the new one crashes not only on my laptop but on my main desktop as well.(the other 2 don't have it installed)


I just reformatted my desktop yesterday and its still doing it, so I dropped it and installed the new seamonkey. While not as pretty or easilly customizeable, its faster, more stable, and I don't need as many extension because it has more built in featues.

(why has mozilla still not added in the ability to load the home page on new tabs?! Sure tab mix plus does this but seamonkey has it built in.)




OK back on topic.

If you use IE get this add on. Its pretty cool, if you don't know what mouse gestures are than you haven't used the internet fully. :P (I couldn't image not having them anymore).

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I agree, nice addition to IE7.


I use opera so haven't really had the forum access problems some of you seem to have had with FF.


It's true, once you start using "extra features" in a browser you really don't want to be without them. I love being able to highlight a word or phrase in opera, and then right-click>search with google. Saves so much time.

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Giving IE7 Pro a whirl at the moment.


If anyones noticed the e > prefferences > ad filter > enable flash blocking feature is inactive, according to the quite new IE7 Pro forum, this feature will be activated in the next version.


IE7 Pro forum: http://forum.ie7pro.com/index.php


Quick user tutorial and history: http://www.ie7pro.com/ (can also be downloaded from here. Version 0.9.7)


Thanks rridgely, for the initiall link.



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New Features in IE7pro v0.9.8 (2007-01-24):

1. Multi-Language support

2. Quick URL shortcuts

3. Fix DEP crash bugs

4. Change status bar icon when switch proxy

5. Improve "Save Tab to Image", now it work perfect


Download: IE7pro

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