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Minor Problem With Firefox2

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Have been using FF2 for some time now, but I`ve started getting an irritating little problem.


Working fine until about a week ago. Now, everytime I boot it up, the broadband connects no problem, and then I get "Server Not Found" message.


However, when I click on "Try Again" a millisecond later, the page is instantly there, always. This happens with whatever my home page is, including the default Google page.


Have tried IE7 with same home pages, and it works fine.


Have not changed anything, or added any plug-ins etc. Weird. :blink:


Any ideas ?


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maybe u have some setting to "work offline" - used to happen to me in IE - which makes it start with server not found msg.tried reinstalling?change to firefox3 aka gran paradiso?


i remember i had some major problem with peerguardian that wudnt get fixed if i tried "recover peerguardian" or if i tried reinstalling etc.had to delete the peerguardian folder then install again

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