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Lsass Attack Blocked


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I have no clue what this means , but as soon as I fired My puter up this morning I connected, Then I clicked to open this forum . & Immiediatly, My Avast warning deal at the bottom popped up & said, Network shield has blocked an LSASS atack. It,s popped up 2 more times why I,m writing this. Any Idea What it is ? I have never seen it before. & could it have something to do with the forum page as I have not opened anything else yet? Thanks Cowboy


Edit. Now its. blocking. LSASS eploit (SXP) attack & DCOM expoit attack. Any Ideas of What I should do. It shows a number of where the attacks are coming from but dissapears quicker than I can write it down.

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Thanks for the info. I searched & after all morning & about 300 attack,s Which were blocked thanks to Avast. I found my firewall was shut off. I dont have a clue how. But it was, Now everything is back to normal, Sorry I just got a little parenoid. Sorry for wasting your,e time. Cowboy

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Totally agree with Hazel. To see how other people resolve their problems (or even what steps they're advised to take to do so ) is never a waste of time. It helps everybody here. Certainly me. :D

It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. P. G. Wodehouse

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