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Calif. Man Faces 101 Years For Phishing


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A California phisher faces up to 101 years in prison after being convicted in U.S. District Court of tricking AOL members into disclosing their personal information, including credit cards. The information was then used to make purchases, say prosecutors.


Federal authorities arrested Jeffrey Goodin, 45, in January 2006. He had been using hacked EarthLink accounts to send e-mails to AOL members. The messages were fashioned to look as if the user would lose service if they failed to respond.


From there, the victim would be directed to a spoofed AOL billing page where they would enter their personal information. The number of victims was not disclosed.


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Yeah, I've read about this on Slashdot.


Its so silly with such insane long sentences. If someone get caught at 20, hes dead before he will be released anyways.

If he get caught a earlier or later, well hes dead anyways.


Why sentence a 45 year old man to 101 years, he wont ever be 146 years old anyways.


Murders, rapists, pedophiles, etc get away much easier.


I don't like these phishers and spammers more than anyone else, but 101 years, thats a bit over-the-top. I think he should be sentenced to pick cotton or tie knots and make carpets.


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