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Just like others within this forum I too was shocked to find upon running a file undeleter how much information that had supposedly been deleted on max 7 level could be recovered. So much so I may stop using CCleaner altogether which is a pity as it's such a pleasant program to use AND I've denoted money to it's upkeep.


Please, please can you have some sort of file name cruncher as although the actual data contained within is lost the very names do actually tell everybody where you've been surfing!


A free disk space wiper would be good that would probably achieve this. Deleteing entries in the Windows.Log files and NTFS header logs would be good too.


Please please can you at least scramble this info so that un-eraser programs can't find them





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Thats right, CCleaner does not delete the file names, it overwrites the data with random streams of data.


CCleaner was designed as a cleaner, not as a secure file wiping tool. It contains some secure file wiping functionality, as an added feature. In "Options" -> "Settings", you can activate secure file deletion mode, and select 1, 3 and 7 passes. The more passes, the longer time it will take.


For most people who just want to clean out stuff, normal unsecure file deletion is good enough. For people who want to securely delete files, they should look into a software crafted for the very purpose of secure file deletion such as Eraser.


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It is an excellent suggestion though, and certainly one I'd really like to see added to CCleaner (If its gonna offer secure deletion, it might as well do it properly).

Wouldn't want it doing a free space wipe though, I think thats beyond the remit of CCleaner.

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Just want to add my .02 of agreement to this topic. If CCleaner is going to do a 'secure' file delete, it might as well do a first class job and get rid of the file name it currently leaves behind. This would be a HUGE improvement (and the only one I can currently think of) for this wonderful utility. Thanks for listening.

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