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Thunderbird Log Files?

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CC does a great job cleaning Firefox and I am wondering if, in a future release, it will be able to clean Thunderbirds' log files as well ?


As it is now, about once a month, I have to go into C/: Tbird folder and manually delete the log file which is usually around half a gig.


Thanks for such a great tool,



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Welcome to the CCleaner Forums Romin-1. :)


An in the meantime solution is this:

  1. Run CCleaner.
  2. Click Options->Custom.
  3. Click Add File, then browse to the log file.
  4. Click the large Cleaner button on the left, then all the way at the bottom of the list under Advanced tick Custom Files and Folders.
    Note: If more than one log file exists you can add it/them as detailed above.


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