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ca/ez armor & zonealarm

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i have gotten myself in a big mess and need help if possible.


problem started when my ca/ez armor security suite was to expire...i thought i would load the zone alarm program...not sure what i did but now i cannot reload either program.


i get three messages:


1) validation failed for c:docume~\lonnie~1\locals~1\temp\010507123713\vsdata.dll


2) set up unable to log into truevector service. install cannot continue without logging into the trurevector service. please use the service manager to shutdown the truevector service & then restart install program


3) something about memory at x0x00000007


needless to say..nothing works...will anyone help me? thanks.

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eTrust EZ Armor used to use a re-branded and re-named ZoneAlarm firewall so that could be your problem. You'd need to attempt to uninstall both eTrust EZ Armor and ZoneAlarm in order to get a "clean" install.

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Hi yr3750


Check the Add/Remove screen first (Start Menu > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs) and remove the ZoneAlarm and CA products if possible, also check your systems date and time to make sure they are correct (Start Menu > Control Panel > Date and Time)


If the date is correct and you cannot remove ZA then goto Start > Run > type




Press OK then locate this in the service list


TrueVector Internet Monitor


if found double click it to open the properties screen (or right click and choose Properties)


On the StartUp type change it to : Disabled


On the Service Status , Click Stop


Then press Apply and OK


(The above may generate Access Denied messages but it is suggesting you stop the service in your post so its worth a try)


Run Ccleaner to remove the contents of the Temp folders then reboot and try to install ZA again,


There's also instructions here for manually removing Zone Alarm if needed





If you still cannot install ZA then you would be best contacting their customer support





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thanks for the information...i ended up using the manual process...i was able to re-install my ca / ez armor suite, that is except for the anti-virus portion...i will keep working on that issue...for now, i have installed avast anti-virus.


thanks again your assistance...it was grately appreciated.

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Glad you got things resolved,


Regarding the CA AV problem, there's a FAQ page here with common problems listed




if you cannot find the issue then consider contacting CA if the problem continues, depending on where your located you should be able to get help using their web support feature so that maybe easier


















All the best



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