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Merry Christmas to all my friends-multimedia fans.

2006 will go down and 2007 is in the air.

For us, 2006 is a wonderful year; And for Apple, 2006 is a momentous year - the 50 millionth iPod was sold, the billionth iTunes Music Store song was downloaded, and competitors continued to fall like flies.

Like all the iPod owners, I even more love iPod compared with Zune and PSP. Love its color, love its appearance and love its all.

I can enjoy my favorite photo, music and movies on my beloved iPod with the help of iTunes. Thanks for Apple, thanks for iTunes, and thanks for iPod. My multimedia life is so wonderful.

I made a guide and would like to share it with the beginners. Don?t hesitate to own iPod and enjoy it right now!

***Transfer photo, music and movies on your iPod:

The freeware iTunes can do it, which is offered following the purchase of iPod. You can get it online from www.apple.com/itunes/download/ :

iPod supports iPod MPEG4 video and iPod audio such as MP3, AAC, M4A. If you want to enjoy your other formats video and audio files on iPod, what you first to do is to convert them to formats supported iPod.

!!!DVD Conversion: Legal Issues

It?s safe to convert most videos to iPod format, but in the United States, it?s currently against the law to turn almost any store-bought DVD into an iPod video file. Why? Most DVDs are encrypted with copy protection called CSS, and it?s illegal to remove the encryption. For that reason, DVD conversion tools are hard to find in the U.S., but in other countries, ripping DVDs is entirely legal, and decrypting software is available either for a price, or for free. In all cases, we encourage our readers from around the world to follow local laws, and convert only what?s legal.

!!!iPod Software Recommend

1. Free DVD Conversion Utilities

Good news: Mac and PC users have many free iPod-format video conversion options.

Bad news: You?ll really want to read our full Video- to-iPod Conversion tutorials.

Though Videora?s iPod Converter (videora.com) is free, and makes video-to-iPod conversion relatively easy, it doesn?t handle DVDs unless they?ve been pre-processed by DVD Decrypter (doom9.org) or similar programs.

2. Discount iPod Software with $13 saved

I found a discount pack named Imtoo DVD to iPod Suite from Google, which includes a iPod Movie Converter and a DVD to iPod Converter. With it, I converted my favorite movies and DVD movies to iPod video and audio formats; And with iTunes, I easily transferred the files to my iPod. What I also want to say, the program supports new iPod 30GB and 80GB with resolution of 640 by 480 pixels. You can free download it from http://www.imtoo.com/dvd-to-ipod-suite.html


About photos, I can give the following suggestions:

If you?ve ever wanted to carry tons of digital pictures in your pocket, you?ll be thrilled with any color-screened iPod - 4G, 5G, and nano models all include photo display abilities. But there?s a catch: you?ll almost always need to use Apple?s iTunes software to transfer photos to the iPod if you want to be able to view them.

The process isn?t hard, but it?s not obvious, either. iTunes continues to hide photo importing in its Preferences menu, requiring you to click first on the iPod Tab and then the Photos Sub-tab beneath it. You?re then given options, starting with?Synchronize photos from:?, which lets you tell iTunes where to find your photos.

iPod changed my life. My multimedia life becomes more wonderful with it!

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and the whole family^-^

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I'd personally like to have an iPod with video capabilities however it's there installation of QuickTime that does something wacko and doesn't run so good on my system even though my system is better than the recommended specifications. If only they'd fix the software end of it I'd probably buy one.

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Hi Guys,


Earlier last year I bought three 2gb IPod Nanos. Each one went back for the same reason.


The advertised 14 hr battery life was no more than 4 hrs on each of them. I do 5-6 hr mountainbike rides in the summer. Gave up on them.


I had a look on an IPod forum, and there were an unbelievable amount of posts complaining about the same thing.


A brilliant reply post from an Apple Technician stated that the rechargable battery is very susceptible to temperature, and gives better results when used indoors. :blink:


I`ll have to ride my mountainbike round the front room, and my son will have to do his running up and down the stairs.


There is now a 2nd gen Nano out. Cheaper, and longer battery life. I`m tempted, but....think I`ll wait a while and check the IPod forums.



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Use some linebreaks when you post.


I don't own an iPod, I might would of, if it supported Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.



Hi Eldmannen,

Sorry, how do you mean? Am I putting too much space in my posts?



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I like imtoo product too, not only the quality about the product, but also the after service. once u have bought some products of them, they will inform u new information about it, if it has been updated or added in new function by email.

And if have something to ask ,u can contact with them ,really very easy

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