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Error fixing all registry issues


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Just tried to delete some "unused Extentions" from the registry. got the error at the end of the removal process. Here is the message:


Error fixing all registry issues

Subscript out of range


There was 38 registry issues being removed at this attempt. It does appear that all the selected issues were removed (that I had checked).


Another interesting thing that happened: Since all the entries that I selected were the same (Unused file extentions) When the first dialog box popped up asking if I wanted to "Fix all Issues" I selected that choice. But after I clicked on the button, I had another box pop up asking the same thing (with the same message about the file extension being unused - though a different reg entry). After I clicked on "All Issues" again, the error message pops up. this seems to fairly consistant for this error message (this is the result for two runs on my machine and once for my brother-in-law's)


This was on an XP machine and I also reproduced this on 98 and 95


This was mentioned in the CCleaner discussion section and after a couple weeks of no activity, I decided to bring it into this forum due to the fact that I do not think that this normal fuctionality. I think that this may be a bug (or at least abnormal). The versions that this happens with are 1.18.099 and the previous release




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