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Is SpywareBlaster Any Good?

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I have had this program forever, but does anyone know if it actually does anything?

It doesnt tell you anything but what items are protected, it says it runs in the backround but I have my doubts, who knows if this thing actually helps protect you?

Any thoughts?

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Hi Fullbug


SpywareBlaster is excellent, it doesnt run in the background and does all its work when you open the program and enable all protection, then you can just keep it updated and repeat the steps and close the program, it adds hundreds of malicious sites to the restricted zone in IE to prevent any of those sites infecting you if you visit them, it also blocks the popular ActiveX controls that are used by malware so again it can prevent infections if you visit a malicious site,


There's an excellent tutorial on SpywareBlaster here which explains its features in more detail,





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Spywareblaster acts kind of strange on computers which I have installed it on. After installation, updating and "Enabling All Protection", some pages don't load with Firefox 1.5/2 + Firetune - combination. It just stops loading pages randomly. First thought that was because of Firetune's settings, but then I just tried "Disable All Protection" and yes, it worked after that.


This really happens with multiple computers, so I have no idea what's causing it.

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Hi SpySnake,


If you think there maybe a bug in SpywareBlaster it's best to post it on the Javacool forum so the developer can reply



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The idea of having tens of thousands of entries loaded into the registry isn't one that I like...

Yeah but the problem is however Internet Explorer since that's after all how it blocks bad websites and cookies - stupid yes but MS did make it. If Internet Explorer and all its core components weren't installed on the system there'd be no need to have those entries in the registry, however in order to harden a system against malware SpywareBlaster is a must have preventative measure to have.

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