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Trouble with uninstall files

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:D Hi Im new to forum but have used Ccleaner since April this year and am currently using latest version. IE7 fixes etc.


Now lately I have had some problems and have been sorting out these out.


I tried to unstall BHR 4.5 and it kept coming up with screen message saying that the uninstall 000.dat files were missing.


Zamaan's software helped and said to notify Ccleaner that they thought it had done this.


Now I wanted also to zero back my DU Meter as couldnt find a way decided today to uninstall and got same message.


I sorted it out by installing over the top and then uninstalling as only way to zero back the results as my allowance from my ISP starts 12th of the month.


The problems I have had started off with something kicking in my allowance useage by around double daily and rising.


This is sorted now. Thanks to Windows Forum help, which incidently is where I was recommended to us CCleaner. :lol:


So hope that this is where I report this happening.


Maybe I am using Ccleaner too often?


I use it every night when I have logged off and also before I do a scan for anything to save scanning temp files etc.


I use the registry cleaner once a month.

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