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CCleaner disables recent application list in WinVista issue


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While I do enjoy using CCleaner v1.35.424, there is one serious issue when using under WinVista x64.


When CCleaner is ran for the first time, it deletes all application shortcuts in recent application list in Windows Vista x64. So far so good.


However, ever since, application shortcuts in recent program never appears back again after programs are ran, although 'Store and display a list of recently opened programs' is enabled in Taskbar and Star Menu Properties.


I enabled all options in 'Cleaner Settings' of CCleaner except 'Last Download Location' under IE, 'Clipboard' under System, and 'Hotfix Uninstallers' in Advanced.


Thank you.




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Same problem here.


Only workaround I found so far is to create another account, transfer all files and settings to it, delete your bugged account, delete the folder with your old account name under \USERS, recreate your account and retransfer all files and settings, find some other cleaning prog who won't mess up your windows MORE than the actual junk it removes...



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Here is the solution

Then all that's needed to make CCleaner ignore that file would be:

1. Start CCleaner.

2. Click Options, Exclude, Add File

3. Browse to that desktop.ini.

...now CCleaner won't remove that file!

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