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Trojan horse?


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AVG 7.5 updated today has found a trojan horse in the install programs of the CC setup. If I scan the file it comes up clean, but as soon as I click on the install file AVG pops up and tells me that the trojan horse PSW.lineage.pq is in one of the temporary files that CC put there. This was on the newest version of CC I downloaded today, version 1.35. I also found it in my saved copies of 1.31 and 1.33. I also downloaded the full setup (not lite) from the CC website link and found the same problem. I am hoping and expecting that this is a false positive from AVG, but I am hesitant to install and am a little worried about already being infected. Can anyone shed more light on this.



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Yea, it was reported early this morning.


It's the NSIS setup, it has a habit of popping up as a false positive from time to time.

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