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"lost" drive letter


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Welcome to the CCleaner Forums jh05787! :)


Sorry to hear you're having problems with your PC. :( I've never had that happen.


If you're on Windows XP you should probably use a Restore Point which will restore the registry to the date and time that Restore Point was created.


If you allows CCleaner to create a backup if it was the Issues button that caused it all you would have to do is double click on the created .reg file to restore the removed registry data - a reboot would of course probably be required.

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This may be worth a shot. Hopefully it'll help. go to RUN type: diskmgmt.msc and see if the drive shows up there. See if it's "online". Having not experienced this problem myself, I can't say what the fix will be. Hopefully, you can find a work around there.

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I have had 2 drives for some time. The second is still there physically but does not show up in Device Manager.

It's not in device mgr? You've rebooted your machine and the drive hasn't returned? Have you tried a re-scan? It's in the device mgr. it'll be a lil icon "scan for hardware changes" try clicking for that. The drive should return and then you'll have to reboot. If it doesn't then look to your bios and see if it's in there.
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