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Can AntiVir automatically scan downloads?


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I've finally taken some good advice and ditched Norton.


I'm now using Comodo Firewall & Avira AntiVir AV -although Norton did make its presence known, I am actually gettin used to the silence knowing that I am still protected.


Anyhoo what I would like is to scan files after downloading them (like norton did-and emails too if poss.)

I have Firefox with Download StatusBar which allows you to specify what AV u use after download. This worked fine with Norton, but not really with Avira. I've tried various commands, but I've only suceeded in scanning the whole m/c after every download (not v. practical)


Any ideas anyone?

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I don't think you can scan files that way with AntiVir, however I could be wrong so you may want to check their support forums to make certain.


I personally think Avast Antivirus has the easiest integration with a download manager as no parameter passing is needed whatsoever (this is how I've inputted it into Star Downloader Free). Also AVG Antivirus is rather simple enough to have files scanned after downloading albeit not as simple as it is with Avast.

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This is not necessary. AntiVir is scanning the file as it is downloaded to your hard-drive.


That's good to know - cheers.


I guess I was going back to my dependancy of Norton adivising me of everything it does.

(which sometimes is good, but mostly tedious - especially when telling u every port that is scanned ... ermph!!)


I need to learn that not all programs yap unecessary at you like Norton (although I do like the Norton Recyle bin !) and feel secure that I do have software that works (...quietly)

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