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i've had this little program for a while now, but i thought that it was worth mentioning.


anyways, what this program does is...it uninstalls other programs. it's very small, has a lot of features, and a decent interface. i've been using it instead of Add/Remove in Control Panel and i have to say that it's very good at what it does. here's the link.



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To manage the list of installed programs, it's an excellent choice this application:


ZSoft Uninstaller


Some feature that we can to use:


  • To search easily a program;
  • To find and delete invalid entries;
  • Hide Windows updates'entries;
  • Hide another items that we want - so we have the list smaller, only with what we want. That mess go away...;
  • Show/edit the program installation information: Publisher, UninstallString, URL, InstallLocation, etc..;


There is still a first-rate and useful tool:


  • Analyze an installation, so it can be completely uninstalled.


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