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I've had problems with both these programs which have prevented me from using or installing them sucessfully.


With Site Advisor, I got the safe/unsafe icons appearing against websites on the first Google search page with the Site Advisor toolbar button also shown at the top. But when I went to the next search page the icons weren't shown. If I clicked onto any website without a Site Advisor icon and then went back to the search page the icons appeared for the first time. This would happen on subsequent pages.


With Sitehound, the installation was reported as being "successful" but when I clicked onto Google, my previous taskbar had disappeared, there was nothing in its place, and the search page was not shown in full size. And no Sitehound or any of its icons.


I use Roboform which appears in my taskbar. Could that be the problem?


I have scanned for viruses and spyware and nothing is detected.


I really liked the idea of these programs so it's disappointing that something is preventing them from working.


Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this?


Thanks in advance

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What browser are you using these two products with?


With the Internet Explorer version of SiteAdvisor a clean install could help as they've changed some stuff installation-wise. Before it would install into 'C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor' now the newest version has installed itself into 'C:\Program Files\SiteAdvisor\4144' and if you installed over a previous version that "may" be the problem if you're using the IE version.

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Thanks for your reply. I use Internet Explorer and completely uninstalled the previous version of Site Advisor before reinstalling.


I'll have another go, though.



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