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discuss about it.

i just dont see how anyone with a decent mind could waste their money on a mac.

MOD, is it possible for you to start a poll for this topic?

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The price was the only thing that had me go with a Windows based PC for my second computer because at that time in 2003 for roughly the same amount of money I was able to get a powerful PC compared to the Macs of that era.

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I'd have a Mac if it wasn't for the price too. In fact last year I bought 2 PC's for the same price of once medium priced Mac. In saying that the Mac's do look the part.

One thing MS and Bill Gates has done is bring the PC to the home market, I don't think Mac would have done it as quick, but they would have got there in the end.

At the end of the day both PC's and Mac are very different beasts and tend to aim their products at 2 different markets.

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yeah, i dont get it either. what is so good about it?


most people will have a PC. and only a very small percentage will have macs. apple should just stick with their ipods.

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Well, before Mac and PC used to be very different.

They used to be different architectures.

PC running on x86, and Mac running on PowerPC (PPC).

PC running AMD/Intel and having MMX. While Mac running Motoral or IBM with Altivec.


But now, Mac and PC are basically the same thing, both are running on the x86 architecture nowdays. So basically Mac have left its Mac roots and become a x86 PC.


Mac are said to be overpriced, and they might very well be, I read something a while ago, that it was actually as cheap as any other PC. But they could be very well be overpriced, Mac is a bit of niche.


With a Mac, you get a cool looking computer case in brushed metal. You can also run Mac OS X which seems to be a pretty decent operating system.


Mac seems to have some smart features and been well thought-out. Or atleast thats what their marketing believe you think. :D



* http://www.apple.com/macpro/

* http://www.apple.com/macosx/


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