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Is ESPN Altering Audio for Political Reasons?

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This story is just bizarre. Of course I don't really know if it's true or not but if it is it just seems ridiculous. I guess anything is possible nowadays.


As a person who dabbled with sportscasting in college, I operated under the impression that my job was sports not politics. Sports were sports and you leave your politics off the air It's a very simple standard. If I want to watch football for three hours, give me football. Unfortunately, ESPN has continuously violated this concept. If ESPN is going to play phony tapes for politicians, then they need to be pressured off the air.



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Since 1997 ESPN has become a joke in my opinion first with losing Formula 1 coverage here in the U.S.A. The second one which made me realize ESPN and ESPN2 were a total joke was when they started showing poker game matches - boy that's really some sport there. But with that said SPEED channel is starting to whimper as well and is also becoming a big joke.

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I'll take Liberal blog fabrications for $100, Alex


Ouch :o ! You could be right. But I think the more logical reason you think that is Donald Rumsfeld used his Neocon Telekinetic Mind Control Ray Gun on your brain and now he is secretly willing you to do his bidding :P .


I hate sports! :D


Discovery Channel is the best!


I've heard the Discovery Channel is really good but obviously since I have dialup I can't afford cable either. But hey, thanks for reminding me of my pathetic life [AGAIN!] :lol::angry: .

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