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Windows Vista RC1 and CCleaner


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welcome to CC moby :D

they are most likely aware of this, im not sure they would care that much about a program like this.

they're more going for anti-virus', firewalls, all the big stuff so they can have that monopoly they've always wanted.

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Frankly speaking, CCleaner is still not design or ready for Windows Vista, I install the latest ccleaner in Vista RC1 Build 5600 and 5728 as well, after gone thru the cleaner cleaning and issues cleaning process, a lot of old stuff still pop-up again if i happened to run thru both process again. Conclusion is ccleaner is not ready for Vista yet.


Wonder when CCleaner is ready for it as millions of users are currently using and testing Vista RC1 and Vista RC2.

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All the posts on CCleaner and Vista appear to be very old. Can someone comment if CCleaner's latest version, 1.41.544, is Vista compatible?


Also the latest version don't clean history and cookies here. Regardless whether I'm logged in as an admin or not.



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