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How to add extensions from Chrome web store

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Windows 10 64 Bit browser_version=115.0.21929.112 (Official Build (64-bit))  From hunting around online it seems that if an extension isn't in the CCleaner extension options, that the Chrome Web Store is an option. When try firefox and edge both simply give the option to open those browsers to install, so I guess they aren't options for CCleaner extensions.

All the extensions I've looked at in Chrome webstore only have a button to open chrome, and the install button is shaded, grey, cannot be clicked. I am yet to see an extension in chrome store that allows install in CCleaner, but I've only looked at about 5 from the chrome store home page so I'm not putting much into that exceedingly minor check.


Be nice if some of the extension developers had them as an external software that can be installed - some that I've looked at even from their github page has links to edge, firefox and chrome store, but perhaps that covers 99% of the users.

Appreciate any advice, knowhow, expertise anybody has to offer, in terms of my tech knowhow, pretty limited as I'm sure you can see... thanks!


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