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Recuva never ends. Blue screen windows error.


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Thank you guys!
I am still here, just got free from work for a few hours. But I will now make another scan with Puran. I have been searching the right forum although the interface seems very similar.

On 21/06/2024 at 11:53, JamesRM said:
On 21/06/2024 at 02:03, josemazcorro said:

my NAS was not being recognized


Recuva suddenly ended the scan

Man, you can't catch, can you? 😟

On 21/06/2024 at 02:03, josemazcorro said:

there is no way in Recuva to mark these files, to avoid scanning them again?

Not to my knowledge, scans in Recuva are all or nothing. In any case, if you are not interested in the files it presented you with after that scan, why consider recovering them? I thought you would try to prioritize the things that are important for you.

I did recovered all that Recuva retrieved in the scan. I am even copying to another drive, to make a deepscan with Puran. This is since, Recuva took so long time, when I asked it to make a deep scan (although maybe it is the same with this Puran) Okay I will not comment on this program if you find it unappropriated, but that is the case.


I also think that File Systems are becoming better, but anyways I don't know any technicalities, just my experience with a few drives over the years.


About Recuva, it seem very good software, it is a pity that my disk is so damaged. All this time I have been scanning it, through a USB connection on a External Case, (with no independent electric connection) So, the issue with those files that I seem not find in a scan might be that the disk have gone worse, just with time while I was not using i, or that disconnecting suddenly damaged the disk or that in that 2 previous scan (the first when I didn't find too much and the second when I did) the disk was also damage and those files are not anymore scanneable (sorry for my english, but I think you get it).

As you see, I am giving up on it, although little by little, If this other program does also fails to deep scan, then I will try to deepscan with Recuva. But if that estimation of 10days lifetime was accurate I guess with 2 more deep scans, the sectors won't be able to be remapped and the disk will be completely broken. So this is my goal other I break it or I get the some important data. But as I said, I expect the first to happen.

So please bare sometime with me, before closing the discussion. I will tell if I do the deepscan with Recuva or if miraculously I get something out of this scan.

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