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CCleaner sales team: Tried to buy CCleaner but price changed during checkout

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Tried to update to paid version.  Showed image.png.5aee125ebffad2144474aaff3aff63f9.pngbut, after I entered my credit card info, the next screen showed a price of $24.95, $10 more than what was quoted on prior screens.

image.png.4dfa6f678d21ec87aa70c3fc83b35329.png WHAT IS GOING ON?  I tried this twice, did everything right, and the price still changed.  Posting on Ripoffreport.com, as there is no way to contact CCleaner for help.  Maybe Ripoff can get someone to fix this.  WHY WOULD ANYONE DEPEND ON A COMPANY THAT WON'T HELP SOMEONE BUY THEIR PRODUCT?

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Ripoff report filed but may not be on the site yet.  Ripoffreport.com report ##1532944.  Not sure this is a deliberate bait-and-switch, but maybe Ripoffreport can get someone's attention so this can be fixed.

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I can't reproduce the issue on my end, I (probably) get the same upgrade page you see:


But selecting either of them leads to appropriately discounted prices (with VAT taken into consideration because of where I am though, and in Euro instead):



The checkout process is done through the app (all steps), but if you try to go through CCleaner's website to make the purchase, the picture is different (no discount for starters, but one of the purchase icons seems deceptive):


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FYI:  Finally purchased CCleaner Pro at $14.28/$24.98.  Transaction went through at original price of $14.28.  I think a bug in the purchase process can send people to an incorrect page with different pricing.  CCleaner should fix this, as it's confusing & time-consuming.  Withdrawing my Ripoffreport post.

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