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CCleaner v1.33 - Coming this week...


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Hi everyone,


Three bits of news today about upcoming stuff...


Firstly the next release of CCleaner, v1.33, will be out this week. It will include a partial fix for the Issue Scanning bug where issues remain even after fixing them. It's partial because there are about 10% of reports that it doesn't work for which I'm still looking into whether there is a work-around. There are also several more changes... I'll post the change log when it's ready.


Secondly we will be releasing a new piece of software in a couple of months. I won't give any details away until it's closer to being finished. Sorry :)


Thirdly CCleaner v2.0 is now being planned and worked on. We're going for a semi-complete rewrite in C++, to allow unicode, 64bit and thumbdrive support.





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I said many times that I think CCleaner would be better off in C++. And unicode, thumbdrive and 64-bit is nice too.


If it gets all that, then the only thing that could get better would be if it were to be open source.


Also, new piece of software sounds exciting, I await it eagerly.

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