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fixing your sound TUT

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in this TUT ill go through some of the ways to fix your sound if it ever goes out. :)

  1. Make sure your speakers are plugged into the proper audio port. This is usually a light green color on the back of your computer.
  2. Be sure it had power running to it if needed.
  3. Check the knob on your speakers to ensure that its turned up.
  4. Optional "Quick Fix"
    • Go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools and try doing a system restore to the time before you had the problem.

[*]Go to Start>Settings>Control Pannel>Sounds and Audio Devices.

  • Check the slider to be sure its turned up at least half way.
  • After you check that, click "Speaker Volume" and do the same.


  • If the slider is grayed out, advance to step 8.


[*]Click the tab labeled "Audio" and make sure the default device is set to the correct option under "Sound Playback"

[*]Click "Volume" under default device.

  • Make sure "Play Control" and "Wave" are also set to at least half on the slider.
  • Also make sure the "Mute" checkbox isnt ticked off.

*If the above doesnt work, try the following.

[*]Go to Start>Run>Services.msc

  • Scroll down until you find "Windows Audio"
    (If its already started, just skip step 9.)


[*]Right click it and click properties.

  • Next to startup type, go down to the option of automatic then click apply and restart your computer.
  • Check once again to make sure its started now.


[*]Right click on "My Computer" and click "Properties".

  • Go to the tab that says "Hardware" then click on "Device Manager".
  • Click on "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers".
  • If there are any red X's, right click on it and click "Enable" then restart.
  • Right click each one of your sound drivers and click "Update Driver...".
  • You can also right click each one and click "Scan for Hardware Changes".
  • After finished with that, restart and see if the problem persists.


[*]If problem still persists, go back you the device manager where you just were and right click each one of those drivers then click "Uninstall".

  • After you finish that, restart your PC and it should re-install those drivers.


[*]If you still have no sound coming from your speakers, you may wish to Post a New Thread and someone can help you solve your problem. :)


Thanks to rridgely for some pointers, ideas, and errors.

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This could be good resource if you revised a few things. Some suggestions:


1. Type out tutorial so people know what your talking about.

2. Write in like you would a school paper. Capitalize the beginning of words and use proper grammar.

3. Hmm.. example below. Doesn't have to be exactly like that though.


1. first off, make sure its plugged into the right jack.


1. Make sure your speakers are plugged into the proper audio port. This is usually a light green color on the back of your computer.


4. Proper formatting. To format an ordered list(numbered) Use this tag


  1. next to each entry.




  1. next to each entry.

Maybe if you revise it, it could be pinned. :)

I can help you with it if you want, but I'm currently swamped with my own real life stuff. :(

So fix it as much as you can and then PM it to me in a code box or something.

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