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Optimized Builds of Firefox and Thunderbird

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this guy made optimized versions of Firefox and Thunderbird using MMX, SSE, SSE2, SS3, and for a couple of more cpu instructions. so anyone feel like testing them and checking to see whether they are faster than the regular firefox or not?


edit:forgot link.



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pfff. Opera has everything i need. extensions just increase memory usage and slow down load time. Opera also has UserJS which extends functionality by a huge margin. i also found CustomizeGoogle and Googlepedia for Opera :D.


but let's not get this too off-topic. someone test the builds.

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Trying FF Optimised Bon Echo 2.02b ATM.


Seems OK.


Mem usage is still up there.Three tabs open with noscripot and Adblock using 37 meg.


Just as quick as FF but I can't really test it as it grabs all my profiles including my about:config tweaks.


This could be used but I'm quite happy with FF 2.0b2 original.


Sorry about the useless review but I don't want to uninstall my original FF.


Up to 40 meg mem after posting this.

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