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found this while i was browsing Softpedia. i mean i know it's a beta, but it acted like crap on my comp. anyways, it's a program which will let you know if your computer is ready to run Vista or not.


anyways, it complained that i didn't have enough space for Home Basic(i have 13GB free space currently and it needs 15GB). well, since home basic is going to replace some system files, then why bother giving me a warning like that? it also asked me to upgrade my Logitech drivers via Windows Update and uninstall the NetVidia firewall before going to Vista. the funny thing is that my Logitech drivers are up-to-date. it also complained about a few other things.


also, another bad thing about the program is that it SLOWWWED my computer by a big margin. so use if you have a LOT of memory. 512MB doesn't cut it :(



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