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reseting the .ico file icon

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recently, i downloaded an image pack from deviantart(nice and black too) and i saw that there was an icon for the .ico file. so i changed the icon for all .ico files via "Folder Options" in control panel.


now here's the issue. normal .ico files show the custom .ico custom icon before explorer loads the real icons. HOWEVER, .ico files that have a compressed PNG inside them(see screenshot below) don't even load. what's weird about that is that they used to load before, but not anymore.


so does anyone know a fix for that or do i have to do a system restore?


the image: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/8431/sshot19fv4.png


edit: bleh. the "Icon/Cursor Load Options" thingy was supposed to be on top of the other windows. oh well

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I just went through a problem with .ico files not being shown.


Basically I just went through the registry until I found


and set the default icon to: %1


Rather this is the same on your system I don't know, and would suggest you manually change it in RegEdit:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\icofile\DefaultIcon]@="%1"


Then in Tweak UI click Repair->Rebuild Icons


"Maybe this is what you need" at http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm then download #4 on the left called "Repairs the Icon View"

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i don't use TweakUI, but dial-a-fix has a similar feature :). the Kelly's Korner thing didn't work but yours did. the only thing that doesn't work is the thumbnail preview(the top part when you set the folder to thumbnails), but that's never worked so...

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Assuming you use xp and this is what you are talking about, I had a quick look around and here are a couple of ideas you might like to think about.


Go to tools-Folder Options - View Tab - Show Hidden folders and files. Go to the location of where your pictures are stored. Change view to Details or list. Delete the thumbs.db and then view by thumbnails again. This will recreate the thumbs.db for you again.

Or try

http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm line 17

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i'm talking about when you open the folder and set it so that it views as thumbnails.


When you enter a folder and select Thumbnails view it doesn't show the icons when there's .ico files, and maybe image files too?

That sounds like an issue in the Windows registry - where exactly I don't have the slightest ideal but it does sound like you've got some digging to do in order to correct it.



That's good info to know, which I didn't know.

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