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Adding files to delete

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I found a lot of .msi files on mu system (Win 10 Pro)

They could be added for automatic deletion.

Have a look also to the temp folder under <UserName>.

There are also files to delete!

Kind regards?

Bugs Bunny.

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ccleaner knows to remove files from the temp folders.

"MSI" files are not an issue unless you have those in your "downloads" folder. the ones in your "downloads" folder can be deleted.

incidentally, ccleaner has options for removing files in the "downloads" folder, though, personally, i don't use those.

you might want to go through ccleaner's settings, in "options." it has options for not deleting files in the temp folders for 24 hours. you might want to disable that so that the files in the temp folders will be removed immediately.

i think that removing files in the "temp" folders is critical. one time, i had problems with installing a program, caused by there being files in the "c:\windows\temp"-folder. after emptying the "temp" folder, on the advice of a tech-support person, the problem was solved. ever since then, i have religiously kept the "c:\windows\temp"-folder empty.


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You don't say if you are using Health Check or Custom Clean?

Health Check is the 'simple' option for non-advanced users, it does a basic clean and removes the junk that most people would want removed.
Health Check does it's own thing and there are very few things that you can change in Health Check.

Custom Clean is for more advanced users and can be customised as to what it cleand by deafult simply by ticking/unticking boxes.
There are also Include and Exclude options where you can tell CCleaner to clean things that it wouldn't normally do, or to leave certain things alone that it would normally clean.


More advanced users can even add more tickboxes to Custom Clean, for cleaning apps that are not included as standard options in Custom Clean.
To do that they use the Winapp2 community extension. https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/
It is for advanced users, so not everyone would want/need to add it to their Custom Clean.


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Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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