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A new privacy tool?


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Well, any browser can do this by going to "Tools" -> "Options" and disabling cache, cookies, etc.


Also the browser in article uses the IE engine, so it's not a good choice for those who are privacy minded due to the potential risk of getting spyware.


Firefox Portable by default does not save cache.


Firefox also have good privacy protection tool built-in by going "Tools" and click "Clear Private Data".


Torpark a browser based on Firefox Portable with Tor can do anonymous surfing.


I think that the article and Browzar mentioned in the article, seems pretty dumb.

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Interesting articles in both posts. :)


Tried Browzar.A bit different to say the least.


The extension Stealthier doesn't work with FF 2b.Sounded ok though.


Just have to use Eldmannen's tips.

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I tried it and didn't like it that much. I clear my Data once every 2 too 3 weeks.

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