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I was running IA 6.0 (for Win ME) on my PC...


Heard some good things about FireFox... BUT never tried it..


LOL, .. i just went and downloaded and installed, BOTH - FireFox and this Maxthon that you mentioned.. and they are both pretty Good actually :)


I like 'em..


Browsing currently with FireFox..

Maxthon installed me some WeatherBug thingy.. i actually don't mind it :)


IE is still my default one ... for now anyhow


Get rid the Weather plug-In. Its useless. You can remove plug-Ins by goin to: C:\Program Files\Maxthon\Plugin


I recommend this plug-In though. Its named *Force Pictures The plug-In will force Images to load that have failed to load.


Heres the Skins Section to Install and use.

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I got rid of WeatherBug also...


It was buggy - for me anyhow.. with Celcium


Then i went to Google and looked for other Weather S/W, and after trying a few.. - i installed and running this one...


It's pretty good.. and the best part it is FREEware :)

For a Freeware - it's actually very Good :)


Maybe have a look at it if wish:


WeatherPulse (running latest versin 2.0.5 Build 36, Aug 4, 2006)



Their Forum: http://www.tropicdesigns.net/modules.php?name=Forums

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You can try patch your inherently broken and inferior browser with various third-party software such as STOPzilla or whatever, but it's no good solution.


Get Mozilla Firefox, it comes with included popup blocker that works extremely good, then you can get the 'adblock' extension and block most advertisements too.

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It really isn't worth buying spyware software for a price. The free versions are good enough for most users. If you want to buy something, buy a good security suite.


Zone Alarm Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet security are very good examples. I'd wait for Norton until the new version comes out. Zone Alarm is beginning to get too bloated and the Norton beta has corrected much of their bloated programming.


Besides that, Spybot, Spywareblaster, windows defender, and lavasoft free versions are good enough, with common sense internet practices.


I use NOD32 in conjuction with Spybot and spywareblaster with zonealarm.


No, Firefox has bugs just like any other browser. I use firefox and opera, but the drive-by downloads that plagued IE 5.5 were fixed in 6.0, and 7.0 looks good. With common sense practice, a user can enjoy IE 7.0 with no problems. I just like the fact that firefox isn't bloated, and Opera is even less bloated and arguably better in terms of "tight" code, very few security bugs.

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