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I want Ccleaner for android to clean my browser history.

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Guest johnccleaner

Unfortunately, CCleaner for Android is typically not able to clean browser history as browser history is, typically, not kept in the app's Cache in this operating system.

(This makes some sense, as files in cache are temporary and are able to be cleaned by a variety of mechanisms, including those of the operating system itself, and typically one would not history to be cleaned arbitrarily like that.)

Android operates in a very different manner than, say, Windows, so apps in the Android operating system operate and organize their data in a very different way. As such, CCleaner, at this time, is not really able to differentiate an app's data between cache and not cache.

As such, the only recommendation we can make at this time would be to use the browser's own tools to clean the history.

I'll be happy to let our development team know about your interest in such a feature, however, so that this can be investigated and considered further.

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