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CCleaner Duplicate Finder

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When I try to find duplicate files on my hard drive, I have it setup as the below picture.


When I click search, I get the below displayed.


I click OK and get the following displayed.


The columns are all smooshed together.

I will make the columns wider so I can read the contents in them like below.


If I select a bunch of file to delete and I press Delete Selected, it comes back with the same column widths I selected.

After I have deleted a couple thousand files, I press back and go back to the initial screen.


When I press Search again, I am taken back to the updated screen.


But the columns are all scrunched together again.


I would like to see it come back with the same column widths that I had chosen previously.

I have a laptop with 5 TB on it. It is annoying to have to readjust the columns everytime. It is very time consuming also. It would be awesome to not have to readjust the columns all the time. I have deleted at least 100,000 files so far. I will clean up a folder and then go back and come back in to have the deleted stuff not showing. Or make it an option to not display it after it is deleted. That way people have a choice of seeing it or not seeing it. I personally do not want to see it. It is gone.



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