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Healthy jpg files once recovery is done, doesn't open.


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Hello guys,

So here is the problem: After format the HD and install Windows, I have lost 800 jpgs files that I need back, but these 800 files named 'pleaseComeback1.jpg' 'pleaseComeback2.jpg' 'pleaseComeback3.jpg'... it just doesn't come back to my life, only the files with random numbers [126162] [873323] [723616] come back. Sometimes is the ones that I need, but  it happens is impossible, after recovering them, to find where they are in the middle of the mess of so many files with numbers.

In others words: if the file is 'iamhappy.jpg', I can't acess it after recovery is done. But the same file in other strange part with number name like [125951], the job is done and I can open, but I can't find the others that I need.
Even though the state of images is Excellent and it has no overwritten clusters, and the Recuva really recouver these files, it happens that, every file with a name I can't see the Preview and I can't open after recover (like it's damaged).

Just a observation that I notice is that the named files on Recuva has informations like these:

Creation time: 29/08/2022 08:02;  Last modification time: 29/08/2022 08:02; Last access time: 29/08/2022 08:02

But the files with numbers does not have these informations, only: unknown, unknown, unknown. These is the good ones, I don't know why. 

Please, some help to understand this or how to repair the 'damaged' files. 

Thank you so much.


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Guest johnccleaner

You can try using a program like IrfanView located here: https://www.irfanview.com/ to try opening the damaged files.

Also, please keep in mind two points: the Condition indicator is merely an estimate (thus an item with Excellent Condition is not guaranteed to be recoverable and usable, nor is an item in Poor, or worse, Condition guaranteed not to be recoverable; it's more likely, certainly, but it's still only an estimate), and that Recuva can only recover files exactly as they are written, it is not able to repair damaged files.

A program like IrfanView, then, can be useful as it can open some kinds of damaged image files, which may allow you to then save these files again so that they can be opened by more normal image editing program.

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Guest johnccleaner

You're welcome, and I'm very happy to hear the good news, as well!

IrfanView's personally my go-to (and I use it a lot even for normal, non-damaged image files), but there's definitely other programs as well that could do this - it's just the one I mentioned as it's the one I thought of. :) Would you be kind enough to let us know what you used, though, so the option's available for other users?

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The corrupted files was not recovered at all even with 'files repairs programs'. So I did a new scan in my pc with others applications like EaseUs. But I guess this is not the forum to talk about it.

And yes, IrfanView is great, I've always used too! :D

Thank you so much!

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