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Clean more deletes all podcasts?


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After cleaning with the "clean more" on the free version of CCleaner all of my podcasts in Google Podcasts are gone as well as the setting which will download new podcasts.

I have used the CCleaner option to ignore the Google Podcast app but it still deletes everything.

How can I use both CCleaner and Google Podcast without setting up my app preferences with each clean?


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Guest johnccleaner

I did some testing on this and was able to reproduce what you reported.

What seemed to prevent it from occurring my my test setup was unchecking the Quick Clean > Browser Data > "Google Search" item. (We've seen this item have effects on other Google software when cleaned, which is why I thought to try it.)

I'll also let our development team know about this for further investigation, but for now, that should prevent the problem you reported. 

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