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Googled, went to site. Still there. :\

You're right [as usual :P ]. They're being sued but that's as far as it's gone so far.


The case is the first piracy lawsuit brought against a distributor of file-sharing software since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last year that technology companies could be sued for copyright infringement on the grounds that they encouraged customers to steal music and movies over the Internet.



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The only kind of "maintenance" I can think of that would be applicable to LimeWire (Pro or free), would be an option to automatically clean out "downloads.bak/downloads.dat" (both found in, FI, C:\Documents and Settings\~username~\Incomplete) or perhaps fileurn.cache (found in, FI, C:\Documents and Settings\~username~\.limewire).


IOW, the OP was wanting quick, multiple over-write erasure for anything showing either a history of "Searches" conducted or files actually d/l'ed - possibly even because of the aforementioned lawsuit. (Or at least, that's a reasonable assumption).


There're probably other places that could use "nuking" also (perhaps registry entries created by LW that would expose similar information on a users' computer - but I really have no idea what those would be). Pete

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post-6617-1161104418_thumb.jpgMight want to let people know that a quick way of "clearing" things is to add the items in the screenshot to Eraser for "On-Demand" cleaning (this does not, of course, include any files you've decided to keep).


(View some of those with TextView sometime).


Every item on the list gets re-created anew - empty - after erasure, and the erasure process itself doesn't affect program operation (of course, you don't erase any of that stuff while the program is running).


(Assuming, of course, that CC isn't going to add this option anytime soon).


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Let's suppose you get served with a "Cease & Desist" notice from your ISP due to a complaint by either the RIAA or the MPAA. As a precautionary measure, you erase any and all possibly actionable material from your computer (files themselves, IOW).


Subsequently, either the RIAA or the MPAA take you to court, seizing or having your computers' contents copied to prove their case.


To prove their case, they either have to find the down-loaded files they claim you have, or they have to find evidence that those files were on your computer.


Three or four of the LimeWire files I mentioned will provide exactly that - your d/l history, your search history and your sharing history.


Erasing those files is simply a step in a series of steps that provide you with "plausible deniability" in the above scenario.


Note that a number of "laws" have either been passed or are being considered that make all this the purview of the F.B.I, also ( http://news.com.com/FBI+director+wants+ISP..._3-6126877.html ).

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