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CC Browser not appearing in user accounts after install on Admin account...


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I installed the CC browser, on my Admin account, expecting to see its desktop icon or a link in my Start section
in another user account.  (windows 10 Pro, 64 bit).  It's not there.  Not sure all Browser installs do that, but a couple of
other browsers I have did appear in user accounts after I installed them. 
Do I have to install it in the user account as well?

Oddly enough, when I clean up with CCleaner Pro, it now is listing items in the CCleaner Browser, while I'm on the user account,
even though there's no access there that I can see.

Any help appreciated. 

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Guest johnccleaner

Does CCleaner Pro run with administrator permissions in this user account? (It would say "(Admin)" at the bottom of the window, after the Windows version.)

If so, then CCleaner is actually running in the Admin account and the User Account is just being allowed to display it, so it would make sense that you see CCleaner Browser items.

In any event, would it be possible to use the Windows File Explorer to browse to install folder (by default: C:\Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Browser\Application) and then make an appropriate shortcut from the CCleanerBrowser.exe file in the other account(s) that you want this to be available for?

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